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Search Engine Marketing

We would recommend advertising on Google, Bing/Yahoo and MSN. These are the big search engines and it comprises 95% of the search traffic. Ads are purchased on a per-click basis and we provide tracking pixels that would enable the Cost Per Order metric for an extremely fine tune way to ensure that the promotion effort is working. In addition, we can provide creative assistance to the website company of your choice in order to create landing pages to further refine the search effort.

Ads are created on a “per group” basis. Different ads appeal to different market segments. We can provide access to extremely targeted ads such that people that live in the northwest receive custom tailored ads to their region that could be different than people in the southeast. Each demographic is different and may respond to a specific ad and landing page combination that feature product shots and testimonials that are more appealing to them.

Amazon and/or eBay Set-up and management

We can build an Amazon stores and/or eBay to increase exposure and sales of product. This would entail uploading content, managing keywords, internal marketing, and mainstreaming the overall order process and fulfillment.


Each blogger is like a small news house. Some bloggers have as few as 10,000 unique visitors per month. Others have over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month. However, by placing articles with key select bloggers, the ranking for your website will start to grow due to traffic generated. This results in higher rankings (and cheaper cost per click) on Search Engines.

E-mail Marketing

We help your web based company focus on generating revenue. The bottom line for all companies are, prospect generation, online sales transactions, and advertising and referral income. We'll help you look into each in turn. Our email marketing campaigns can help in doing so.

Our email marketing is designed to quickly send communications to qualified recipients via email. Setup is easy and templates can be customized in minutes. We use a tool that is user friendly and has innovative features. Email marketing is part of an essential marketing and advertising tool for any business that wants to stay in touch with their clients